Our Corrupted Will

The fact that our will is corrupted might be the easiest of the three parts of the heart, intellect, emotion and will to see. How many of us have said, “I will never do that again.” And then did the same thing again. I am sure that is everyone.

It is easy to see as well when we compare what we know, our intellect, to what we do, our will. For example I know it is good not to over eat, or eat to many sweets but that extra scoop of ice cream is to too good to pass up. Or I know that working out is good for my heart, lowers my blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety and help me to sleep better at night yet, I choose to have a coffee or take a nap instead.

It is not just in our diet and exercise that we see a corruption of the will, we see it deeply in our faith as well. I have heard it said, that as Christians our knowledge far outweighs our obedience. Yet often we with the answer to problems that we are facing in life we just need to know the right answer, rather than stopping long enough to realize we know the right answer we just don’t want to do the right action we know deep down to do. Taking time to rest and refresh has been an example of something I Knew was good yet didn’t choose to do. God clearly led us by example in the Bible when he rested on the seventh day, and made sure we would hear by commanding us to observe the Sabbath in the Old Testament. Yet we as New Testament believers in Christ tend to choose not to do what we know would be good for us to do.

How have you see the fact that our will is corrupted?

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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