Seduce Me Recap

Tuesday night was a great night. I really enjoyed Michael and Christine’s presentation. I thought it was authentic and real. The question, “What is seducing you?” is a powerful question. It was great to hear how Michael and Christine were seduced by different things. For Michael it was the seduction of pornography and the message it carried of how to be a real man. What seduced Christine was the desire for real love and the desire to be self sufficient needing no one. I think we all need to ask the question, What is seducing us?

It was also good to hear in their story that the things that seduce us can bring us to some very dark places. It is a reminder seemingly small steps lead in a direction, and if we keep making steps in that direction there is a destination.

Ultimately it was so encouraging to hear how God redeemed their stories. God was able to give new life and new purpose and new direction to both Michael and Christine. God brought them from searching for real love and sex to finding real love and sex, by following his plan, and not following the things that seduced them.  By following Christ they gained Christ and everything else.

Thanks to all who co-sponsored, volunteered and attended it was a great night.

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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