Seduce Me

No don’t actually seduce me. It is the name of an event Cru is bringing to campus co-sponsored by The Black student Union, and Thagard Student Health Center.

The hope for me in this event is that through the speakers, Michael and Christine Leahy, we open the door of conversation on some very important topics. Michael and Christine will be telling their personal stories in a very open, honest and genuine way. Stories with real pain from depression and anxiety, sexual addiction, body image issues, sexual assault, domestic violence, and abortion. Too often  we are afraid to talk about these tough issues or  we talk about these issues as ideas rather than real personal and painful realities. I hope that we can create an atmosphere where we talk openly and honestly about these things. I also hope that we can see thought their story that healing can take place as we open up with people we trust. I also hope we see that God is not far away from us as we go through the painful experiences in life. I hope we can see that God is with us, He loves each one of us, and wants to help us heal.

Come Tuesday January 31st at 8pm to the Union Ballrooms.

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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