Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and 1/2 Bross

14er Number 5I am addicted to hiking mountains. It is just so fun. So this summer while out in Colorado I got to climb a few more. We left Fort Collins at 3;30 in the morning and started hiking just after 7. The plan was to hike 3 or 4 14,000ft or above mountains just past Breckenridge. Democrat was the first mountain we summited that day which was my 5th since, hiking Grays in 2007.

From there we either went back down or started a loop that would lead us to Cameron. No one in our group wanted to turn back so we started the accent up Mt Cameron. It was kind of anti-climactic. The top was more rounded and less step so we got to the top took our picture and started heading towards Lincoln. Lincoln was by far the most impressive peak to look at and gave us the best view. We summited Lincoln much later than we wanted. Due to very frequent storms at the altitude

7th 14er

Mt. Lincoln 7th 14er

you want to be off the peak by noon if possible. We didn’t make it to the top until much later. We decided not to climb Bross for a number of reasons but since we walked by it at over 13,000 feet I think we can say we at least climbed half of it. The decent was tricky but we made it done. All in all a good day of climbing. Just 7.25 miles and 3.5 14ers. Check out to see our route, or if you want to start climbing. Also check out a few of my friends who climbed Longs Peak this summer. Here is a great video of their experience.

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