Campus Crusade Name Change

I was there when the new name for Campus Crusade was rolled out. There was not a hint of letting go of Christ. In fact I think the whole name change process has demonstrated how much our leadership relies on Christ and will do what it takes to make Christ known to the whole world. One of the initial slogans of Campus Crusade in the beginning was, “Reach the campus today and the world tomorrow.” Our founder Bill Bright knew that name would need to be changed someday if we were going to accomplish that goal. As we attempt by Christ power to move closer to that goal, it was necessary to change the name. Not because we are backing away from Christ but because we want to give everyone a chance to know Christ. Our focus is not on Christians, but on reaching those who do not yet know Christ. Please don’t just listen to those that want to say sensational things, listen to those who made the decision to change. Watch Vonette Bright herself, Bill’s widow, explain the name change, or Steve Sellers vice president of North America.

Granted it was a tough decision to make for our leadership, but the right reasoning, the hope that more people would get to experience Christ. What hard decisions are you making so that more of your friends can know Christ?

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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