Bicycle Vs. Semi-Truck

I was ridding my bike through an industrial park in Tuscaloosa yesterday and it was almost a disaster. I was riding along when a semi pulled out in front of me. It wasn’t a big deal and I just thought, hey I will try to keep up with it for a little while. Another semi was driving the opposite way. They must have known each other because the truck in front of me slammed in his brakes. To avoid slamming myself into the back of the truck I squeezed the brakes and skidded to a stop. I was so close I put my hand on the back of the truck, breathing a sigh of relief that my face wasn’t on the truck instead. Then, during my sigh, the tucker started backing up to talk to trucker in the opposite lane. I’m screaming and trying to scoot me and my bike to safety, the middle of the street. Thankfully he didn’t back up far and I managed to avoid getting flattened. Needless to say I was a little shaken up, but was able to make it home.

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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